Things To Do In Annapolis

At Annapolis Landing Marina, we take immense pride in our strong network of partners who share our vision for maritime excellence. Our collaboration with these esteemed partners amplifies our commitment to providing top-notch services to our boating community.

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Charter Fishing

Annapolis, Maryland, offers exciting charter fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, attracting anglers with its abundant marine life. Various charter companies provide expert captains and well-equipped boats for all levels of experience. Whether targeting striped bass, bluefish, or blue crabs, the diverse ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay ensure a dynamic fishing experience year-round. Charter fishing in Annapolis not only provides thrilling catches but also allows participants to savor the bay’s scenic beauty on a memorable day with family or friends.

Annapolis Landing Charter Fishing

Happy Harbor Charters: Known for experienced captains and a variety of fishing options, including sportfishing and family-friendly trips.

Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing: Offers a range of trips targeting different species, with knowledgeable guides and well-maintained boats.

Miss Susie Charters: Known for personalized service and catering to both experienced anglers and novices, providing a memorable fishing experience.

Fish On Charters: Recognized for its customer service and accommodating both seasoned anglers and beginners, with a focus on finding the best fishing spots.

Huntress Charter Fishing: Offers full and half-day charters, emphasizing a personalized experience and targeting a variety of species.

Downtown Annapolis Waterfront Dining


Annapolis, Maryland, hosts a vibrant culinary scene with diverse restaurants catering to various tastes. Vin 909 Winecafe is a local favorite, known for its farm-to-table approach and extensive wine selection. Cantler’s Riverside Inn offers a Chesapeake Bay dining experience with freshly caught crabs. Iron Rooster adds a creative twist to comfort food, featuring all-day breakfast and inventive cocktails. Carrol’s Creek Cafe, overlooking Spa Creek, showcases Chesapeake Bay cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. These establishments highlight Annapolis’ culinary treasures, contributing to its reputation as a delectable destination for food enthusiasts.


Annapolis, Maryland, features a lively brewery scene with diverse offerings. Notable establishments like The Chesapeake Brewing Company and Rams Head Tavern provide unique beer selections in waterfront and historic settings. Crooked Crab Brewing Company, just outside the city, stands out for its innovative brews and friendly taproom. Newcomers like Forward Brewing Company add to the evolving landscape. Annapolis’ breweries offer a rich tapestry of flavors and settings, making it an enticing destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

Downtown Annapolis Waterfront Breweries

The Chesapeake Brewing Company: Known for its waterfront location and a variety of craft beers, this brewery often features seasonal and innovative brews.

Rams Head Tavern: Rams Head is not just a brewery but also a popular pub and music venue. They brew their own beers, offering a selection of traditional and unique brews.

Crooked Crab Brewing Company: Located just outside Annapolis, Crooked Crab is praised for its diverse beer menu, friendly atmosphere, and a spacious taproom.

Severna Park Taphouse (formerly known as Black Flag Brewing Company): While technically located in Severna Park, this brewery is worth mentioning for its inventive and rotating beer selections.

Forward Brewing Company: A relatively new addition to the Annapolis beer scene, Forward Brewing is gaining recognition for its small-batch, handcrafted beers.