Annapolis Landing Marina wishes you a happy and trouble free stay with us. We ask that you abide by the following rules & regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the marina office at 410-263-0090.

  • All slipholders are required to carry vessel insurance. ALM is requiring a minimum of $500,000 general liability and hull coverage based on the vessel’s value.
  • Each slip is assigned 2 parking decals. Park here only the vehicle that brings you to the marina for the purpose of using and occupying your boat. Using the marina as a convenient place for long or short time storage of vehicles is not permitted. Try to limit parking to one vehicle at any one time; that is have captain and crew car pool to the extent convenient. Guests must obtain a parking pass from the fuel dock. Parking in “No Parking” zones will result in vehicle being towed.
  • Each slipholder shall be entitled to rack space for one small boat or board as part of the slip contract. A numbered dinghy sticker can be obtained from the fuel dock office and shall be affixed to the small boat or board at some conspicuous place. In the event there is additional rack space available, ALM may, in its discretion, issue additional stickers for a fee to be set each year. Small boats or boards may be kept aboard the principal vessel at any time without charge. When not in use, small boats are to be kept on the mother vessel or in the rack and may not be kept tied up to or placed on the dinghy dock. Any small boat not having a current sticker found secured to or on the dinghy dock or other portions of the marina may be impounded. ALM will make reasonable efforts to locate the owner of any unidentified small boat or board, but failing to locate same, may dispose of item as ALM determines.
  • We ask that no bathing suits, towels or laundry be hung on the outside of your vessel or on marina property.
  • The use of charcoal or propane grills on your boat is strictly prohibited. The marina has a number of picnic areas with charcoal grills that slipholders are welcome to use.
  • No swimming (except in the swimming pool), diving, fishing or crabbing in the marina.
  • Personal property of slipholders is to be kept on board the mother vessel or in a dock box located at the slip. Any items found scattered around the marina may be confiscated and disposed of.
  • The policy of Annapolis Landing Marina is to limit liveaboards to the vessel owner or master, significant other, and immediate family members, all of whom are more likely to take care of the vessel and the marina improvements. Rental, leasing or donation of occupancy to any others is not permitted.
  • Sewage will not be pumped into marina waters. There is a pumpout station located at the fuel dock.
  • All trash must be secured in bags and deposited into the dumpsters. All empty cardboard containers must be broken down before being put into the recycle bin.
  • When a vessel enters the marina, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of ALM management and shall be berthed only where directed. ALM reserves the right to move any boat in the absence of the owner should the need arise. However, the vessel shall remain under the exclusive care, custody and control of the owner.


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